Building Better Long-Term Care

Seniors in Ontario’s long-term care homes are older and more frail than any other cohort in the province’s history. There has been a shift in the health condition of these residents but we have only seen small changes in home design and service delivery. Big changes are needed.



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Out-Of-Date Infrastructure

Rebuild and modernize older long-term care homes. Read Minh’s story here.

Accessing Services Where You Live

Give seniors outside of urban centres access to services. Read Tom’s story here.

Managing Dementia

Adopt a more predictable funding approach and enhanced support for specialized resources. Read Maria’s story here.

The Facts Are Clear

Ontario’s long-term care homes are finding themselves increasingly constrained by a system designed for yesterday. Leaving them ill-equipped to meet the complex medical needs and number of today’s seniors.

  • Residents exhibiting some form of cognitive impairment, with one in three being severely impaired. 90%
  • Residents exhibiting aggressive behaviours stemming from their cognitive condition. 40%
  • Percentage of residents completely dependent on staff. 33%
  • Percentage of residents who use a wheelchair. 66%