Letter From The CEO

Our seniors deserve better care, and Ontarians want this to be a priority.

Our aging parents and grandparents are part of a very large cohort that has grown larger over the last decade. And the nature of caring for this group has changed. More of them are living with multiple, chronic health conditions and many have Alzheimer’s and mental health issues. To provide these seniors with the care they deserve, our long-term care homes need better supports, more staff and improved infrastructure.

Over the years, the Ontario long-term care community has made tremendous inroads delivering quality care despite having access to fewer resources. But we have reached a critical point where investment is required. Ontarians know this, and they want to see something done about it.

A Nanos Research survey completed in 2014 found that even in the face of provincial budget pressures Ontarians have a sense of urgency about investing in our long-term care homes. Some key findings included:

  • 93% are concerned or somewhat concerned that staffing levels aren’t sufficient to properly care for medical and mental health needs of seniors.
  • 92% are concerned or somewhat concerned about the physical condition of long-term care homes.
  • 91% are concerned or somewhat concerned about the availability of long-term care beds to meet future needs.

The care being provided to seniors in Ontario is improving, but there is more work to do. That’s why we’ve taken the time to develop these recommendations designed to better support our seniors now and meet the care needs of the next generation of seniors.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to travel the province advocating for our plan to be implemented as quickly as possible. We’ll be calling on our residents and their families to participate in these efforts. Take the time to send a letter to our politicians to ensure our seniors get better care.

It’s time.


Candace Chartier
Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Long Term Care Association

About the OLTCA

The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) is Canada’s largest long-term care association and represents a full spectrum of charitable, not-for-profit, private and municipal long-term care operators. The Association’s 440 member homes are funded and regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the province’s fourteen LHINs. The Association’s members provide health care and a home to almost 70,000 seniors annually.