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Outdated care homes leave some seniors at disadvantage: Association

“Night and day.” That is how Candace Chartier of the Ontario Long Term Care Association characterized the two wings of Chartwell Aurora, built some three decades part. But the care residents receive in each wing could be described the same way, despite the best efforts of Chartwell, and both the local long-term care residence and

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Senior health care a concern at Meadow Park

n 1984, the majority of Canadians were under 31 years old. That’s changed significantly. In 2014 Statistics Canada estimated half the population of Canada is under 41 and half over 41, a shift of nearly 10 years. Canadians are getting older and senior care has become a pressing issue, in Chatham-Kent and across the nation.

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Petition asks that long-term care funding match the need in Ontario

Ontario’s 600 long-term care homes are asking for your help to make better seniors’ care a priority for the 2017 Ontario budget. According to Meadow Park administrator Anne Marie Rumble, the plan is about improving the foundation of the sector and ensuring long-term care homes have the resources needed to support all residents with the

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PoV: Sudbury needs to care for aging population

Caring for Sudbury’s aging population is a crisis that has unfolded in slow motion. Looking at the numbers, however, all that is going to change quickly. In 2016, there were almost 13,000 people aged 75 years or older in Sudbury, representing 7.9 per cent of the city’s population. That number is expected to grow by

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Sudbury’s Finlandia called a role model

Every senior in Ontario deserves to live in a residence as beautiful, homelike and well staffed as Finlandia Village’s Hoivakoti Nursing Home, according to the head of the Ontario Long Term Care Association. Candace Chartier visited the care complex Thursday to draw attention to her association’s campaign to urge the Government of Ontario to modernize

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