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Sudbury senior population growing daily

Will there be enough long-term care facilities to accommodate them? Seniors living in new or newly renovated long-term care homes are experiencing first-hand the tremendous benefits these homes provide for their care and comfort. With 90% of residents living with some level of cognitive impairment in long-term care homes province-wide, newer homes create a better,

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语言障碍+养老院残破,安省老人该何去何从 (Mandarin)

本报记者 安省长期护理协会报告指出,随人口老化,越来越多长者需要长期护理院提供服务,但目前多伦多有90%长者仍生活在的长期护理院,相关长期护理院大多落后及不足,需要进行现代化改革,及增加更多特殊服务,以满足未来社会所需。 安省长期护理协会(Ontario Long Term Care Association)昨天发表报告指出,长者生活在新的或重新修建的长期护理院,正经历全新照顾及舒适的巨大好处。但目前安省约90%长者仍是生活在水准较差的长期护理院,这情况必须改善,因为住客及职员在新院舍中都会获得更佳、更安全的环境。 协会首席行政总监查迪亚(Candace Chartier)表示,近年大多区需要得到长期护理服务的长者大幅上升,很多长者仍居住在原有的住所,而这些居所需要改建装修。另外,很多患有痴呆症的长者得不到所需的支援,无法令他们有较舒适及安全的环境。 Read more at Dushi.

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Long-term care homes lacking

It’s a retirement home that features several recreation rooms, a main-floor café, fireplaces, big screen TVs, a second floor balcony overlooking a courtyard and a dining room on each floor. It might not sound like your average long-term care residence — probably because it’s not. But it is the benchmark the Ontario Long Term Care

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